The JSE offers its Condolences to Slain Policemen Families

The Jamaica Stock Exchange expressed sincere condolences to the families and co-workers of the policemen who were reportedly killed by criminal gunmen. In a news release, the Exchange expressed grave concern at the impact of these events on the image of our country within the international community. When investors make a decision on an investment destination, there are two critical factors at the forefront of their minds. 1. Their personal security, and 2. The system of justice that exists to ensure that if anything goes wrong they have resort to a fair, timely and appropriate redress. In short they are concerned about the rule of law. “An assault such as has been perpetrated indicates that Jamaica is failing to provide a secure environment for its citizens, and the rule of law is under serious threat. We join with civil society groups in the call to speak out against the continuing scourge of crime. Jamaica has never had to mobilize against an external enemy. It is always more difficult to motivate citizens to unite against an internal threat as the threat is often underestimated until it is too late. However, the crisis should now be evident to all and should provide a rallying point for citizens of goodwill to co-operate with the security forces and to provide any information they may have. We further call upon the business community, in the face of a significant lack of resources, to commit to providing financial support to enable the police force to obtain the necessary equipment to effectively carry out its responsibilities.”