Stocks & Securities Limited and the Jamaica Stock Exchange Launch “How to Buy and Sell Shares” Video Education Campaign

In an effort to sensitize the public on the stock market and how buying shares ought to be an integral wealth creation tool for the average Jamaican, the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), in collaboration with Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL), has launched a Video Education Campaign.
The video campaign titled ‘How to Buy & Sell Shares’, features very basic instructions and answers questions regarding the buying and selling of shares, and how the Jamaica stock market works. The enlightening videos will become accessible to the general public via television, cinemas, the JSE’s and SSL’s websites and social media platforms as of April 13th, 2017. The launch which took place on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at the JSE’s offices, was attended by members of the media along with staff members of the partnering companies.
The JSE’s Managing Director, Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest speaking at the event stated, “The ‘How to Buy & Sell Shares’ videos came out of the overwhelming calls by potential investors to the Stock Exchange who wanted to know “How to Buy & Sell Shares”.  On receiving these calls, we decided to put together a series of videos that speak to this need. When we put the concept to Stocks and Securities Limited, they gladly came on board,” said Mrs. Street Forrest about the collaboration.
This market education by JSE and SSL comes at a critical time, when more and more average Jamaicans are seeking legitimate avenues to wealth creation and financial independence. As such, the content of the video campaign are tailored to inform this group, in very relax and natural format. In debunking the widely held view that buying shares is reserved for the most affluent citizen, Mrs. Street Forrest said “We believe that the market is for all, and not as some persons say, ‘It’s a rich man’s game”. The ‘How to Buy & Sell Shares’ campaign is another move by the JSE to embolden their public awareness campaigns.
Mrs. Lamar Harris, General Manager & Company Secretary of SSL is thrilled to be a part of this project, ‘How to Buy & Sell Shares’. “It was a no brainer for SSL when we were approached by JSE as we know the importance of educating the public of the misconception that the market is for the rich only” said Mrs. Harris. She suggested not to only think savings but to also think investments, as most Jamaicans know the importance of savings, but not investments and investments are the key to wealth creation.  Therefore, persons need to move their money from the “piggy bank” and the bank accounts to invest in the markets where they can create serious wealth for themselves and the next generation. If one wants to see how serious wealth can be accumulated one only need to look at the Junior Market.
Mr. Hugh Croskery, founding Member of SSL and Director, told the audience that for years I was one of those that back Mrs. Street Forrest in creating public educations drives and today I am very happy and inspired on how much she has achieve in this drive that today both SSL and JSE can enter in a partnership to further educate the public on the importance of the market