Remote Market Observer

As more persons get involved in the stock market and investors become much smarter, they are not relying on intuition to make gains from the market. Investors are spending more time researching and analyzing information to have that competitive edge in the market place. This is why the JSE ensures that its Remote Market Observer is available to every investor in the market, on demand. The Remote Market Observer is a cutting edge technology based product, that gives investors the best positions in the market on a particular stock. As a user you are classified among a user group called “Market Observer”.

The JSE’s Remote Market Observer gives you the privilege to view trading activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, on a “real time” basis.  In this capacity, you are able to take a front row seat to monitor your investment and make adjustments if you decide to do so.

Real-time Updates

  • Market Watch
  • Market Depth
  • Exchange Statistics
  • Message Window

You will be able to view orders in the market queue and be able to buy and sell, knowing exactly what is going on in the market in real time. With this type of knowledge you will be able to make better decisions and reduce risk. Making use of the Remote Market Observer will be one of the best investment decisions you make to ensure that you have a front seat in the market.

This product is cost effective and a great tool to assist investors or potential investors to create wealth by making informed decisions.
To subscribe to this service,  please contact the marketing department at