Post-Graduate Certificate in Treasury Operations


Management of the treasury function can be understood as the
planning, organizing and controlling holding, funds and working capital of the entity in order to make the best possible use of the funds, maintain firm’s liquidity, reduce the overall cost of funds, and mitigate operational and financial risk it covers working capital management, currency management, corporate finance and financial risk management.

Simply put, treasury management is the management of all financial
affairs of the business such as raising funds for the business from
various sources, currency management, cash flows and various
strategies and procedures of corporate finance.

The core functions of Managing Treasury operations aims to ensure that adequate cash is available with the organisation, during the outflow of funds. Further, it also contributes to optimum utilization of funds and makes sure that there are no unutilized funds kept in the firm for a very long term.

Senior executives within the wider financial services arena have
increased recognition of the importance of the treasury function for
protection against a wide set of risks and issues. As a result the treasury management teams have an increased expectation that strategy and decision making are validated and meet the corporate standards for allocating capital and operating expenses.

This intensive certification gives participants a comprehensive
coverage of the strategic and operational aspects of the
management of treasury operations for corporations.

This programme seeks out to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how to manage treasury affairs with a detailed look at the various financial markets and instruments that can be traded.


  • Fundamentals of the Money Market
  •  Treasury Risk Management
  •  Credit Risk Management
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • International Bond & Debt Market
  • Global Capital Markets & Financial Tools
  • Treasury Operations Series
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