API Services

Market Data Feed (MDF)

The Market Data Feed (referred to as the MDF) is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Application Programming Interface (API) that is used to display real-time market and allows consumers to:

  • Display real-time market data to their customer base.
  • Populate public data walls or websites.

           Market Data API – US$4000.00 per annum


Ticker Feed​

The JSE operates a live ticker which is displayed on its website. The Live Ticker shows trading activity as it happens on the market and provides information such as the volume and price of securities traded and highlights any movement, up or down, however small, in the price of a security each day. At the end of the trading day the Ticker changes to a summary showing the closing prices and the volumes for all securities traded on the Market and the indices for that day.

This API allows subscribers to receive details on the trades that occur during the trading day and a summary at the close of market. Subscribers who consume this service will be able to produce a Ticker similar to that on the JSE’S Corporate website.  The data is available in XML format.

           JSE Ticker Web Service API – US$2000.00 per annum

To subscribe to the services above,  please contact the marketing department