Salada Foods Jamaica Limited (SALF)-Extraordinary Meeting

Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd has advised that at its Extraordinary General Meeting held on September 22, 2008, the following resolutions were adopted:

a.      To increase the number of authorized shares in the company from ten million four hundred thousand to five hundred million ordinary shares of no par value by the creation of four hundred and eighty nine million six hundred thousand new shares of no par value.

b.      From the new shares created the company will issue nine new ordinary shares for every one ordinary share currently held by each member of the company.

c.      To put forward at the meeting Special resolution for the adoption of Articles of Incorporation of the company and cancel the existing Articles and Memorandum in substitution therefore.

The company has informed that their lawyers, Livington Alexander and Levy, have commenced the necessary paper work which the company anticipates to be complete by September 26, 2008.