National Investor Education Week (N.I.E.W.)

In 2008, the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) commenced hosting a week-long programme of activities under the major theme “Financial Knowledge, the Key to Wealth Creation”.

NIEW’s objective is to promote financial literacy and inclusion and as such the activities are geared towards educating Jamaicans on the various financial products and services that are available, the way these can be accessed, tips on wealth creation and retention and, very importantly, the management of personal finances.  Over the years brokerage houses and other financial stakeholders have partnered with the JSE in hosting the NIEW and its activities.

The week of activities include:

Church Service

The week of activities will commence with a Church Service. The Church Service serves multiple purposes. The main purpose is to seek God’s blessings on our plans for the week as we embark upon the task of sensitizing a captive audience on the week’s activities and to inspire the collaborating NIEW’s team:

Outside Broadcast (OB)

The objectives are to:

  • Assist Jamaicans to understand the importance of generational wealth
  • Explain the benefits of investing in the markets
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Lift the profile of the JSE and its partners within Jamaica and the Diaspora
  • Educate the market on the product and services available to them

This OB will give the listening public practical advice on how to make savings and investments decisions during difficult times. Our partners will offer non-financial and financial advice on what is generational wealth and how it can be built. The discussions will delve into the benefits of creating legacy in business and investing in your child’s education, starting from early as key factors of creating generational wealth. The Investment Houses will be on hand to speak about their various investment-type products.

Conversations with the Diaspora

The JSE recognizes that the Jamaican Diaspora needs more information on the products and services that are available in Jamaica through trustworthy sources. Therefore, it is important to engage the Diaspora in meaningful dialogue in order to have significant investment from the Diaspora flowing into the country for economic growth and development and for their wealth building.

Open House Education

The JSE will host a full day Open House, where various business and investment topics will be taught and discussed, and persons will be able to discuss their areas of interest and learn more about these topics, which will be presented by industry experts.

Youth Forum

This activity is geared towards attracting the younger generation into the market and sharing simple steps they can follow to make sound financial decisions. The young generation will be taught to choose sound financial products that will create wealth long term, and to understand that the earlier they start to save and invest, the better it will be as a result of another important element: time. It will be emphasized that it takes less money to create wealth with the added benefit from compound returns, a key element that helps to build wealth, exponentially.

Investor Forums

The JSE throughout the year hosts a series of investor forums. These forums bring together market experts and the public facilitated by free and open access, where different opportunities to grow wealth are shared in basic language that the public can understand and put into action to change their financial future.