Welcome to the JSE’s Events Page where we inform you about upcoming and past events held throughout each year by both the listed companies and the JSE that are important to shareholders/investors, potential investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

Listed Company Events

All listed companies are required to announce within a specific period, the date, time and place of their Annual General Meeting, Extra-ordinary Meeting or any other Meeting that is being held for the benefit of their shareholders.

JSE Events

Below are the major premium JSE events for which we highlight past, current, and upcoming information. These events are considered to be of significant importance to shareholders/investors, potential investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

The JSE Best Practices Awards was established to promote best practice standards for listed companies on the Stock Exchange. 

The JSE through investor forums continues its drive to educate the population on how to access the stock market. 

The JSE has embarked on this venture as a way of rewarding (“giving back”) individual investors and participating listed companies.   

The National Investors Education Week (NIEW) main objective is to promote financial literacy and inclusion.

The Regional Investments and Capital Markets Conference is hosted annually and attracts an elite group of executives and sponsors in Jamaica and across the region.

The Jamaica Stock Exchange conducts a series of workshops every year to keep professionals in the industry up to date with the trends and developments impacting the financial sector.