LIME – Press Release

LIME, Jamaica’s only full service telecoms company, is spending close to $670 million this financial year (2009/10) to expand its mobile network and further improve coverage across the island. The expansion programme will include the commissioning of 70 new cells sites across Jamaica’s 12 rural parishes.

The project is geared at boosting overall coverage and capacity while provide coverage in a several remote areas where service was previously not available. LIME’s sites will be bolstered to accommodate additional call traffic.

The multi-million dollar spend continues LIME’s trend of investing in its wireless infrastructure as last year the Company spent more than $3 billion on its mobile network.

“We are continuing to make good on our promise to provide world class service for our mobile customers by strengthening ad expanding our network,” said LIME’s Country Manager Geoff Houston.

“Our customers will soon find coverage in several additional locations and even better call quality particularly in some of our more popular towns and urban centres because we fully intend to offer the best coverage in every community across Jamaica,” he added.

The new sites will become operational on a phased basis between October 2009 and March 2010.

While every parish outside the Corporate Area will benefit from the installation of additional cell sites, coverage will be significantly increased in the densely populated parish of St. Catherine. St. Elizabeth, St. Ann and St. Mary will also see significant improvement.

The aggressive build out is being facilitated, in part, by a tower sharing agreement which LIME brokered with Claro in July of this year. The landmark deal is allowing LIME to increase the reach of its mobile network in a more cost effective manner and also to reduce the impact on Jamaica’s natural environment caused by new tower construction.