JSE Suspends Trading of Dyoll Shares

The Chairman of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Mr. Roy L. Johnson, has today suspended trading in shares of Dyoll Group Ltd. The JSE has required that the Company make a public announcement in response to rumours that Dyoll Group has experienced material financial losses. This information has not been reported to the JSE in accordance with Appendix 8 (Policy Statement on Timely Disclosure). The Exchange in seeking to establish whether such rumours and speculation were factual or not, was informed by the Managing Director of Dyoll Group, Mr. Stephen Thwaites that he was estopped by the Acting Chairman, Mr. Peter Lawson from providing any information and was therefore not able to respond to the Exchange’s requirement that an announcement be made immediately by the Company. The Exchange advises that the suspension will remain in place until the relevant information has been disclosed.