JSE Stock Market Game for High Schools Analysis as at April 10, 2010

Bellefield High School, with a portfolio value of $394,474.41, is once again in first place of the competition with Calabar High School right behind with a portfolio value of $347,748.19. Hampton High School has secured the third place position with a portfolio value of $257,503.00.
Bellefield High School has an unrealized gain of $194,474.41 on the initial investment of $200,000.00. This represents a 13.44% lead over second place competitor Calabar High School and is 53.19% ahead of third place competitor Hampton High School. Campion College and Hillel Academy now stand in 4th and 5th place respectively in the competition.
Shawn Parker of Bellefield High School occupies 1st place for the fourth consecutive   month with gains of $156,049.70 and a portfolio value of $256,049.70. Shawn’s portfolio has benefitted from gains in the price of Grace Kennedy shares and he holds a large portion of his portfolio in cash which highlights the fact that he is searching for additional value stocks to include in his portfolio.
Second place rival Dexter Smith of Calabar High School has a portfolio value of $213,538.69 with unrealized gains of $113,538.69. Dexter’s portfolio is now 100% cash which indicates that he too like Shawn is seeking value stocks to purchase for his portfolio. Matthew Williams holds the 3rd place position with a portfolio value of $155,430.00 and has benefitted from gains in the share price of Radio Jamaica Ltd.
Last year’s winner Hillel Academy which held the 6th place position in February now stands in 5th place with a portfolio value of $253,896.90.
With the stock market now on an upward trajectory with a few stocks nearing their 52-week high, there are significant gains to be derived. This is the penultimate month of the competition so follow your schools’ progress to the finish in the Gleaner’s Youthlink and Financial Gleaner.
Analysis was done by Ms. Keisha Bennett, Market Risk Analyst, Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd (JMMB).