JSE Stock Market Game

Bellefield High School maintains its impressive performance to hold the first place for the second month by securing a sizeable lead over second place competitor, Calabar High School. Last year’s champion Hillel Academy currently ranks 6th place with a portfolio value of $205,558.90.


Bellefield High School’s portfolio stands at $332,713.71 with an unrealized gain of $132,713.72 which represents a 45.54% lead over second place rival, Calabar High School and is 51.95% ahead of third place competitor Campion College. Hampton High School currently holds the fourth place position with a portfolio value of $213,809.00, while St. Jago High School with a portfolio value of $212,600.00 ranks fifth.


The top two spots of the competition are held the members of the Bellefield High School team – Shawn Parker and Shaneil Smalling. Shawn has recorded gains of $69,825.66 on his initial investment of $100,000.00 and Shaneil’s portfolio value grew by $62,888.06 since the start of the competition October last year.


Shawn Parker’s portfolio, which was 100% cash based as at January 11, 2010, experienced the greatest gain since the start of the competition and these gains were recently realized when the stocks were sold and cash placed in the portfolio. It seems that Shawn Parker has remained in a cash rich position to be able to fully capitalize on any perceived mis-pricings in the current marketplace as they may arise.


Shaniel Smalling’s portfolio, like Shawn Parker’s, is largely cash – based, with cash representing approximately 97% of her total portfolio. Her portfolio was positively impacted by increases in the price of Kingston Wharves (KW) shares, which rose by 0.39% since the start of the competition.


Dexter Smith from Calabar High School ranks third with a portfolio value of J$131,751.00 representing an unrealized gain of $31,751.00. The fourth place individual position is held by Matthew Williams of Campion College with Jovi McCalla from St. Jago High School in fifth place with a portfolio value of $113,075.00.


There are four more months of trading to go, so follow your schools’ progress in the Gleaner’s Youthlink and Financial Gleaner.


The top ten students and schools are based on portfolio value in Jamaican Dollars (JMD) as at January 11, 2010.


Analysis was done by Ms. Keisha Bennett, Investment Manager, Insurance Company of the West Indies Ltd. (ICWI).