JSE Presents, The New Science of Pension Fund Management Workshop

A pension plan is a scheme in which an employee transfers part of his or her current income stream toward retirement income. There are two main types of pension plans: defined-benefit plans and defined-contribution plans.
In a defined-benefit plan, the employer guarantees that the employee will receive a definite amount of benefit upon retirement, regardless of the performance of the underlying investment pool. In a defined-contribution plan the employer makes predefined contributions for the employee, but the final amount of benefit received by the employee depends on the investment’s performance. Therefore it is important that Pension schemes are managed properly or workers will find themselves without proper benefits when they retire in their twilight years.
This means that those who are managing Pension Schemes have a greater responsibility, not only to ensure that the contributions are protected but grow that employees have a proper steam of income when they retire. Most employees do not have any other form of income and they are looking forward to their retirement income. If the schemes are not managed properly people’s life will be ruin. Therefore with this in mind the Jamaica Stock Exchange presents its Pension workshop to help Pension Professionals understand Pension Fund Management.
¨ Pension Fund Managers
¨ Trustees
¨ Financial controllers
¨ Investors
¨ Pension Fund Administrators
¨ HR Managers
¨ Actuaries
¨ Auditors
¨ Financial Analyst
¨ Government Officials
¨ All Professional and Educators     seeking knowledge Pension Fund Management
· Retirement Planning
 · How to ensure the Best Pension Plan and Returns for Pensioners
 · The changing legal and regulatory landscape : a look at phase 2 pension reform
 · Understanding the Pension Laws
· Assisting the Retirees
· Fund Management Techniques
 Norbert Fullerton BSc (Hons), MSc (Dist), FIA
 Norbert is a consulting actuary and director at Russell Investments, and has various leadership roles within their UK Pensions Solutions Group. His primary responsibilities at Russell are: providing cutting-edge investment solutions to his clients and winning new investment business.
Sanya Goffe is an Attorney-at-Law and a Partner with the law firm Hart Muirhead Fatta. She was called to the Jamaican Bar in 2003 after studying at the Norman Manley Law School and the University of the West Indies (LL.B Hons). Prior to joining Hart Muirhead Fatta, Sanya worked as an Associate at Myers Fletcher & Gordon and a Partner at Lex Caribbean.
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