JSE Market Stock Market Game Analysis #2

After eight weeks of trading in the JSE Stock Market Game for High School, sponsored by Gleaner Company and LIME Jamaica Ltd, Dexter Smith of Calabar High moved up four places to the number one position. He has single handedly moved Calabar High to second place in the schools standings. First time entrant, Bellefield High, moved to first in the school standings.
Calabar High School’s Dexter Smith assumes the lead after two months of trading. The month of November saw the strong gain in the JSE Main Index moving up by 2,598.87 points; JSE Select Index up by 99.11 points and the JSE All Jamaica also up by 5,271.89 points. Dexter benefited from the 35.77% gain Scotia DBG, 22.58% gain in Seprod and 17.29% increase in value in Sagicor Life. Dexter’s portfolio value stands at JA$126,451.00; this is JA$10,411.00 more Matthew Williams of Campion College who is in second place. Matthew was in third place after the first month but he also benefited from Sagicor Life 17.29% gain and Jamaica Broilers Group 1.84%. However Matthew’s portfolio was significantly affected by a -10.45% decline in CAR and -0.08% NCBJ, Cable & Wireless trading firm for the month did not help Matthew either.

Bellefield High School’s pair of Shaneil Smalling and Shawn Parker made tremendous gain to occupy third and forth places respectively. Shaneil’s portfolio mix of PJAM up 49.44%, FCIBJ up 1.18%, SDBG up 35.77% and SGJ also up 17.29% cushioned the movement in her CAR stock which declined by -10.45%, to close the portfolio for the period at JA$114,176.90.  Shaneil’s teammate, Shawn Parker also benefited from the upward movements in PJAM, SLJ, SDBG and FJI to close his portfolio value at JA$113,444.00.

Ragan Reid of Hampton High is currently in fifth place, Ragan’s portfolio was impacted by the decline in RJR down -13.33% and CAR -10.45% to close her portfolio at JA$105,444.00.

Bellefield High School’s pair of Smalling and Parker, who are currently in third and fourth place in the individual standing with their portfolio value of JA$114,176.90 and JA$113,444.00 respectively have moved their school to first place in the school standings. Their combined portfolio value of JA$227,620.90. Calabar High School is in second place, with Dexter Smith (JA$126,451.00) and Orane Burke (JA$96,145.50) for a combined value of JA$222,596.50. Campion College, is in third place with their pair of Matthew Williams (JA$116,040.00) and Sherry Perrier (JA$103,581.00), with their combined portfolio value of JA$219,726.00. In fourth place Hampton High School JA$219,302.00 with their pair of Regan Reid (JA$105,408.00) and Kamala Bailey (JA$104,894.00) and in fifth place, is last season’s second place team, St. Jago High School JA$207,365.00 with their pair of Jovi McCalla (JA$104,525.00) and Andre Harrison (JA$102,804.00).

There are seven more months of trading to go so follow your schools’ progress in the Gleaner’s Youthlink and Financial Gleaner.
Analysis was done by Mr. Michael Johnson, Marketing Officer, JSE.