JSE Launched its e-Learning Campus

Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Small
Chairman of the Boards of the JSE Group: Mr. Curtis Martin
Directors of the JSE Group
Members of the Media
Faculty Members Present
Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen
Good Evening! It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you all to this evening’s event dubbed “Reunion 2010- Home Coming Reception”.
It is here tonight that as a community we will unveil the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s e-Campus, which will have as its first offering the Diploma in Financial Securities Management. ‘Home Coming’ means that we are strangers neither to each other nor to the advantages that we receive from continuing education.
The Jamaica Stock Exchange has over the last fifteen years (15 years) provided through its partnership with JIM now Utech on the entry level Securities Course and through its workshops many opportunities for persons in the Financial Services Sector to remain current. Tonight we have done it again!
We are pleased to announce the opening of our e-learning campus. The campus is a web-based application blended with face- to- face interaction with knowledgeable practitioners in the Financial Services Industry. It is the Stock Exchange’s newest initiative designed to provide an avenue for you to keep abreast of current trends, regional and throughout the global market place through a web-based system.
Through our e-learning campus, we will be providing an easy access to you so that we can as stated by our tag-line ‘enable continuing professional education for the financial services industry’. The course contents and delivery will be dynamic, current and rigorous and while grounded in theories, will be heavily complemented by research and real life experience. The diploma given at the end of the year, though important, is secondary to immediate impact each participant will receive as he/she goes through each module. The diploma is modular allowing us to add and enrich course contents and units as the need arises.
With the development of the e-Learning campus, we at the Jamaica Stock Exchange have a specific vision in mind.

§ We aim to provide quality continuing professional education for business and industry in Jamaica and the Caribbean;
§ To continuously expose professionals to tools, techniques, and current practices that they can apply immediately in the workplace;
§ To inspire professionals to achieve job security and satisfaction through lifelong professional development by offering programs that are flexible, responsive and innovative.
A school is lacking if it does not have well-qualified and experienced teachers to impart knowledge to the students. We are indeed pleased that we were able to attract the best minds in the field of risk management, law, financial planning and wealth management, corporate practices and ethics among others. This we will further highlighted when you we take you on a tour of the campus. Your e-learning campus has the ‘best of the best in the business’ and we are pleased that some of who are present will give their endorsements of the learning facility.
Tonight we are satisfied that the JSE e-learning campus will live up to the other educational offerings we have delivered in the past. We give credit  to our Board’s vision, our hard working team of staff members, especially to our IT Department who has developed the web-based solution internally, our enthusiastic faculty members and NCB, which assisted us in the early stages of design and concept. 
We are confident that with you on board our objectives, which are co-incidental, can be met: that is, growing the pool of qualified employees within the sector who are exposed to international best practices standards, through the ease of a well-structured e-Learning campus.
For those of you who have not already done so we would like to encourage you to enroll in the courses, which are all, designed to help you to stay on top of your game in a rapidly changing environment.
The JSE’s e-Learning campus is the place to be to sharpen your competitive edge. Log on now.
Please relax and enjoy the rest of tonight’s events.
Marlene Street Forrest
March 31, 2010