JSE Investigation in Dyoll’s Trading

Trading in Dyoll’s shares was suspended on February 15, 2005 because of its failure to provide material information to the JSE in keeping with the Exchange’s Policy Statement on Timely Disclosure (JSE’s Rule Book Appendix 8). In a second news release on March 1, 2005 the Jamaica Stock Exchange announced its intention to investigate trading in the shares of Dyoll Group Ltd. to determine whether any connected parties executed trades in the company’s stock since the event, which led to ‘material loss’ and impairment of Dyoll’s capital base. The JSE has since conducted preliminary market surveillance investigations into the trading activities on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in Dyoll Group Limited shares between September 2004 and February 15, 2005. These investigations included, but were not limited to companies or individuals connected to Dyoll, who traded shares within this period and may have had ‘insider information’. The Jamaica Stock Exchange has released to the Financial Services Commission a report detailing the findings of our investigation thereby providing the necessary tools to allow for more detailed analysis and action if necessary. The JSE remains resolute in pursuing its mandate in “providing a fair, efficient and transparent stock market”.