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February 6, 2014

Minister of Education Endorses The JSE e-Campus

The JSE e-Campus received another boost, when on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, the Minister of Education, The Hon. Reverend Ronald Thwaites, endorsed the e-Campus at a Press Conference held at the Jamaica Stock Exchange Head Office, 40 Harbour Street. The JSE e-Campus is the first institution in the English Speaking Caribbean to be CPD certified. Its Post Graduate Diploma is also approved by the Financial Services Commission, the JSE e-Campus have now received the full endorsement of the Ministry of Education.

Speaking at the Press Conference Minister endorse the JSE e-Campus and told the audience that there were tremendous possibilities for the JSE e-Campus platform. According to the Ministry, The Ministry of Education supports the invaluable contribution of the Jamaica Stock Exchange to the professional development of practitioners in the financial and allied sectors through the programmes offered by your e-Campus. We commended the management of the JSE for providing this innovative and First-World method of delivering continuing education to busy professional and stated that of note, your e-Campus has been {registered} by the University Council of Jamaica as a tertiary institution to develop and deliver courses and programmes. This means that your e-Campus is a bona fide member of the education sector and is expected to operate according to the requisite standards governing tertiary institutions and the quality of their programme offerings.

The Minister said that he “anticipates opportunities for partnership with the JSE, in strengthening the competencies of financial and accounting personnel at central office and the larger educational institutions. He also said that the advent of the International Logistics Hub in Jamaica provides an opportunity for the JSE, through your e-Campus to help retrain financial and accounting professionals in the demands or requirements of, for example, the Maritime Logistics sector. Minister Thwaites went on to state that “your organisation is well placed to undertake such an initiative with your established international links. In this regard, the Ministry congratulates the JSE e-Campus on being the first Caribbean learning organisation in the financial sector to be recognised by the London-based Continuing Professional Development Certification Service. Commendably, this achievement places the JSE e-Campus in the auspicious company of the London Stock Exchange, UBS Global Asset Management and London School of Economics & Political Science to name just a few providers of continuing professional development”.

The Minister went on to state that “In today’s knowledge-based economy this places the JSE e-Campus in a strategic position as a prominent player in the region. The Ministry anticipates your continued growth in this area. There is an obvious link between the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the education system at the lower levels. There is a deficit in the teaching and learning of numeracy skills and later Mathematics, which is foundational for the higher level skills that persons in the financially based professions require. The Ministry invites the JSE to partner with us in implementing co-curricular activities at the primary and secondary level that will promote student’s interest in the practical application of Mathematics in the areas of saving and investment. The Ministry of Education endorses the establishment of an e-Campus by the Jamaica Stock Exchange and we commend the management of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on this decision. We recognise the e-Campus as a valuable addition to the country’s network of tertiary institutions. May you grow from strength to strength”.

Mrs. Street Forrest in her welcome stated that “the e-Campus has the benefit of a “Best in Class” portal, personnel and programmes.  The JSE e-Campus has the support of a well-qualified Board of Governors, an Academic Review Committee, a Dean of Studies and seasoned lecturers who are themselves practioners in the industry. We understand that there is strength in collaboration and as such we have also signed Memorandums of Understanding with the Northern Caribbean University and the Mico University as we believe that the sharing of knowledge and resources will enhance our product offerings”.

Miss Sandra Shirley, the Principal of the e-Campus, speaking at the Press Conference, told the audience that since inception the e-Campus has trained over 200 professional within and outside of the financial sector and was looking forward to training many more in the short to medium term.

Miss Donna-Marie Livingston, e-Campus Administer and Mr. Damion Topping, Web & Technical Support Officer demonstrated the e-Campus platform to the Minister to show him the versatility of the platform.


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