JSE Contributes $3.8 Million to Sir John Golding Centre

The Jamaica Stock Exchange on April 15, 2005 donated $3.8 million to the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre, to repair the ceiling and roof of its Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy departments which were destroyed by Hurricane Ivan. Speaking at the presentation of the letter of commitment at the hospital, JSE’s Executive Chairman, Roy Johnson pointed out that the JSE has given to other health and educational institutions, but this donation represented the largest donation the Exchange has made to one institution, signaling the company’s deep commitment to the work undertaken there. “The Exchange hopes by this act, to encourage others in Corporate Jamaica to remember those who are less fortunate and extend a helping hand. A nation is built by us not thinking of what others can do for us, but by what we can do for others,” he said. Guest speaker, Minister of Education, the Hon. Maxine Henry-Wilson, pointed out that of the 24 hospitals, 21 or 88% had suffered damage in the aftermath of the hurricane. She said that health centers were also affected with 128 of the 343 across the island suffering damage. She said that all hospitals were now back in service with only a few still not providing full service. “There is a unity of purpose that characterized our post-Ivan efforts and which is critical to the recovery process. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that we recognize this commitment being made here today by the Jamaica Stock Exchange”. “This contribution is vital, because without its roof the continued viability of the rehabilitation work of the center is threatened,” the Minister said. Also present at the function was Lady Patricia Golding who recalled that the Polio Centre, as it was called, was started in 1954 and was renamed in December 1996 in honour of her late husband Professor Sir John Golding, who was responsible for developing the center. The 75-bed hospital falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.