JSE Certificate Course: Compliance, Ethics and Corporate Governance


The JSE is offering an online one month certificate course in the area of Compliance, Ethics and Corporate Governance. This course will commence on May 22, 2011 and will be a thorough study of current compliance, ethics and corporate governance best practices. The course will be conducted through a rigorous combination of self study and presentations, participants will gain valuable insights and knowledge in ethical, compliance and corporate governance activities for immediate application to the workplace. The course also provides a practical framework for designing, promoting and recognizing the methods and tools available for the development of sound, ethical corporate governance culture in the organization. Material used and case studies will be drawn from Jamaica, the regions and globally.



 The course comprises 35 required contact hours of which:

·         Unit 1 will be taught in one day of traditional face-to-face lecturing;

·          Units 2 through 4 will be taught in 2-hour e-learning presentations.

·         There will also be an interactive “chat-room hour” for questions and answers each week, or by arrangement.


                                                                                                                     Target Group

Corporate Secretaries; Company Secretaries; Regulators; Registrars; Fund Managers; Portfolio Managers; Corporate Finance Executives; Financial Analysts; Attorneys-at-law and SME Executives.

 For further information, please contact Mrs. Charlette Nugent at 967-3271 or e-mail charletten@jamstockex.com