Jamaica Public Service (JPS)- Declares Dividends

The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited has advised that the Board of Directors have declared its quarterly dividends payable on July 1, 2008 to preference shareholders on record at the close of business on June 13, 2008 on the undermentioned classes of Preference Shares. The x-date is June 11, 2008.

1.3/4% on the 7% Cumulative Preference Shares “B” 3.5 cents.  

1.1/4% on the 5% Cumulative Preference Shares “C” 2.5 cents.

1.1/4% on the 5% Cumulative Preference Shares “D” 2.5 cents.

1.1/2% on the 6% Cumulative Preference Shares “E” 3 cents.  

The Directors omitted a Quarterly interim dividend on the Ordinary Stockof the Company.