Jamaica Stock Exchange Shows United Support For PSOJ

The Jamaica Stock Exchange and its eleven stockbroker members have expressed their full support of the recent initiative of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) to bring forcefully to the attention of the Government, Opposition and the public, the significant toll that crime and violence are exacting on Jamaica. The PSOJ announced a three-day private sector show of protest to run from May 25 to May 27, 2005. Plans include an islandwide shut down of commercial activities on May 25, 2005 as well as a meeting with Government and Opposition members. In a statement today, (May 20, 2005) released on behalf of all stockbroker members, the JSE’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Roy Johnson said that, “We believe that the rule of law and the preservation of public order are fundamental to the development of a civilized society. Without security there can be no prosperity for the majority of our people and the country cannot provide the economic opportunities to fulfill the aspirations of our people.” The Executive Chairman pointed out that the PSOJ’S initiative is similar to that taken recently in Trinidad and Tobago, when 17 business associations representing about 90% of that country’s business interests, united to send a strong message to the relevant authorities urging them to summon the will to deal with the increasing problem of crime. “We express our unwavering support for the committed men and women of integrity in the security forces, and we call upon our fellow citizens to lift their voices and display their commitment to removing the scourge of violent crime which now so clouds the image and destroys the reputation of our country”, Mr. Johnson said. He expressed condolences, “for the many lives lost by criminal acts, the many families left in sorrow and pain” and regretted “the robbing of the nation of so much valuable human capital.” He also called on both Government and Opposition as Jamaica’s political leaders, to demonstrate their commitment to the rule of law as their chief priority.