Online Trading

What is Online Trading?

Online trading allows you to use a portal to buy and sell securities such as stocks, options, bonds and mutual funds via an online trading platform. It offers convenience, allows you to avoid lengthy waiting periods for placing an order and helps investors manage their transactions with the click of a mouse. The JSE’s online trading platform offers investors the opportunity to trade securities listed on the market operated by the JSE.

Features of Online Trading


You don’t have to wait until business hours to place an order through your broker. You can place an order at your convenience anytime using the online trading platform. However, your transaction will be executed on business days (Monday – Friday) between the hours of 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Activities include:

  • Buying or Selling Securities
  • Edit Active Buy or Sell Instructions
  • Cancel Active Orders
  • View Market Performance
  • View Your Statements
  • View Your Current Sales and Purchases

The Online Platform

The online trading platform is user friendly. It provides the ability to trade securities, view market data, monitor orders, account balances and more, all from your desktops and smart devices.


Registration is simple and easy for online trading access, if you follow the instructions given. After registration you may add or request a Broker & JCSD account through a broker.

JCSD Accounts

Do you have a JCSD account? If so, you can add these to your online trading profile. If not, you can request an account after the registration process is complete. You are able to add several JCSD accounts for online trading.

Order Execution

With the click of a mouse your order is placed into the JSE trading system, and queued with the rest of the orders in the system. When the order is executed you will be notified.

Management of Funds

You are able to request funds from your account with your broker for online trading. Funds may be requested and released as required. However, you must develop a relationship with your broker to ensure that this process is seamless.

View Market Performance

You are able to receive real time information concerning activities in the various markets for example, market performance and company performance as it relates to price.

View your Statement

Your statement tells you your purchases, sales and net position of all securities owned. You are able to view your statement at your convenience.

Online Tutorial

Learn about Online trading using videos, help features and FAQ’s

Customer Support/Online Help

Customer Service Reps. (CSR) is ready to answer your questions and assist you with any difficulties you may encounter.