Transforming from share certificates to a JCSD Account

Do you still have your printed Share Certificate?

Let the JCSD keep them for you.

You can deposit your Share Certificates with the JCSD through the stockbroker of your choice by following these two simple steps:

Step 1: Take all the share certificates in your possession to the stockbroker of your choice along with your Tax Registration Number (TRN) or Driver’s License for all persons whose names appear on the certificate.

If you do not have all the certificates the broker will give you a Form of Declaration and Indemnity for Lost Certificates.

Step 2: Your stockbroker will open an account if you don’t already have one and prepare a Transfer Form for you to sign. This Form takes all the relevant information from your share certificate.

What is the purpose of this form? This Transfer Form formally transfers the shares that are currently in your name into the nominee name of the JCSD which holds the shares on your behalf. You remain the owner.


  • MVL Stockbrokers Ltd
  • NCB capital Markets Ltd
  • Sagicor Investments Ltd.
  • Scotia Investments Jamaica Ltd.
  • Stocks & Securities Ltd.
  • VM Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Barita Investments Ltd.
  • BCW Capital
  • GK Capital
  • JMMB Securities Ltd
  • Mayberry Investments Ltd
  • Proven Wealth Limited

Benefits of having a JCSD Broker Account

  • Having less documents to process means your account can be updated more quickly
  • It will be easier to get updates on your holdings; you can ask your broker, go On Line or just call the JCSD
  • You are closer to being able to buy and sell shares Online
  • Our systems are proven to be Safe and Secure
  • You receive future bonus or split entitlements on date of Record, not through the mail two months later

Questions and Answers

What happens when you “give up” your certificates?
The shares will be held in electronic form and therefore can be traded on the floor of the Exchange.

Will an update on the account be provided by the JCSD?
The JCSD does not send out statements however, the client may request a statement from us or their broker. Statements can be viewed online also.

Is there a cost to access statements online?
No, there is not cost.

Will the Broker be able to trade the shares without shareholder’s knowledge?
Brokers should not sell shares without instructions from the shareholder. At the point of opening your account, you should indicate to your Broker the types of instruction(s) they can accept from you process transactions on your account (fax, email, text, telephone, etc.)