Brokers/Member Dealers

This section provides information on the approved brokers that can assist clients with their trading needs.

Brokers/Member Dealers

A broker, also called a stockbroker, is an individual or company who is paid a commission for executing customer orders.

This individual/company acts as an intermediary between a buyer and seller. A broker who specializes in stocks, bonds, commodities, or options acts as an agent and must be registered with the Exchange.

Orders to buy and sell securities on the stock exchange are handled exclusively by this person. Brokers buy or sell shares on behalf of their clients and work to get their clients the best prices. 

Brokers participate electronically on the Trading (Platform) Floor and  have advanced tools (the technology) to assist them in handling trades on behalf of their clients.  

The stock broker operates from a firm that is normally called a brokerage house and is registered by the Jamaica Stock Exchange and approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), hence the name Broker Member or Member Dealer. 

Currently there are fifteen (15) Broker Members or Member Dealers that are registered by the JSE to conduct business on behalf of their clients.

See our list of registered brokers below: