e-Learning Orientation

Mr. Dononvan Perkins, Chairman of the Jamaica Stock Exchange welcome the second cohort to the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s e-Learning Campus on Wednesday, Spetember 2011. Please see below welcome message by Mr. Perkins.

On behalf of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, I would like to welcome you all to our orientation – for the second cohort – of participants in the JSE’ e-Learning Campus.
Today is special for us at the Stock exchange…as we are receiving the second set of participants in our post-graduate diploma in Financial Services Management.

As you may know…the JSE’s e-Campus is geared towards helping our financial professionals “get on top of their game” through continuing professional education.  Based on our experience, the Jamaica Stock Exchange has a very strong sense of what the training standards should be for persons operating in the financial services sector.  As a result, we have created a programme based on prevailing best practices standards – not just locally but in more developed markets.

Our e-learning campus is the result of planning based on a vision to create high quality and relevant learning…that is – affordable, accessible and flexible for professionals in Jamaica.

This planning started long before we welcomed our first group here last year September, and we are excited to welcome our second cohort.

Through technology, we have created an e-Campus which is web-based and allows students to attend courses online conveniently. (This is our a part of our contribution to conserving energy and improving productivity – through using time efficiently).
Our program fits well and is based on successful methods of effective on-line learning. Lessons are delivered electronically – through video and audio presentations of lectures – and interaction with lecturers and peers are conducted via e-mail, instant messenger and chat rooms.

As a result, students benefit through sharing ideas and experiences – and better educated financial minds from both a theoretical and practical standpoint –  will benefit our Jamaican financial sector.

The courses are taught by local and international industry practitioners and the program is designed so that students – in addition to strengthening their financial skills and industry knowledge – also improve their leadership skills.  

In closing – our program seeks to upgrade the skills of persons who have passed the JIM Securities Course to a Level II standard…and at the end, we certify all students who have successfully completed the course work – hopefully making them more employable….and better decision-makers for financial transactions.  


I would like to welcome our participants who have enrolled encourage them to put their best efforts into this program.  …who knows? Perhaps there is a Warren Buffett sitting in our audience this morning. 

The stock market has been one of the greatest developments in fostering wealth creation, and because stock markets are always forward-looking – today – market indices are the most watched measures across the globe in determining the current and future economic activity.  The stock market’s direction influences everything from politics and economic policy, to interest rates business decisions and ultimately consumer and business confidence.