Capital & Credit Financial Group

Capital & Credit Financial Group Limited has advised that the company is aware of the persistent rumours that the company is being offered for sale and such information is incorrect and not true.


From time to time interested financial industry players have made enquiries as to whether Capital & Credit would be available for a strategic merger or to be acquired.  Since its recent re-organization these general enquiries have been made by a couple of entities in the region and from Florida.


No formal discussions have yet been held with any of the enquiring entities hence there is no material fact to be disclosed.


Should there be further discussions with one or more of the enquiring entities to the extent that the company engages in a formal process which may or may not result in a transaction, all Stakeholders will be duly informed on a timely basis.


In the meantime, the Capital & Credit Financial Group is committed to continuing on the path of the Strategic Plan for growth and expansion for 2009 and in this regard, subject to market conditions, intends to come to the market later this year for additional Capital by way of Preference Shares as was stated in May 2008, to facilitate its expansion requirements for domestic, regional and its United States based financial services business segments.


The Board of Directors is committed to protecting the interest of all its Stakeholders and stand in full support of any business opportunity which will enhance such benefits and right under its fiduciary responsibility.