Capital & Credit announces Strategic Re-structuring


Capital & Credit announces Strategic Re-structuring
The Chairman & Group President of the Capital & Credit Financial Group Ltd. (CCFG), Mr. Ryland T. Campbell, C.D., has announced strategic re-organizing and re-structuring changes to the Organization aimed at achieving greater revenue, productivity, efficiency and improved customer service delivery.
Effective Monday, January 11, 2010, the following changes will become effective: In an aim to improve Revenue and Productivity, Capital & Credit Merchant Bank’s (CCMB) Corporate Credit Unit is to be disbanded and replaced with a Corporate Banking Centre, which will take on a broader role in servicing and funding the Organization and its Corporate Clients and is to be spearheaded by the Bank President & CEO, Mr. Curtis Martin.   As a consequence of this, the position of AVP, Corporate Credit, held by Mr. Lloyd Wint, is to be made redundant.
CCMB’s Retail Banking Division will also be expanded to include the E-Channels and the Customer Contact Centre, CCFGNow, now that development work for the Debit Card and Automated Teller Machine service (ATM) is complete and the Centre is operational. This Division will fall under the leadership of the Bank’s General Manager, Mrs. Moya Leiba-Barnes.
To improve on Efficiency and achieve greater Productivity and synergies across the Group, a Division to drive Business Strategy, Process & Technology, has been created and will be headed by Senior Vice-President, Mrs. Rosalie Deane, who formerly held the responsibility for Business Strategy & Development.
The Division of Group Marketing & Corporate Affairs, headedby Senior Vice-President, Mrs. Michelle Wilson-Reynolds, who has responsibility for the overall strategic development and direction of the Capital & Credit market presence locally and overseas, will now have expanded responsibilities for Product Development, Market Research and Customer Experience.
According to Chairman Campbell, these strategic organisational changes are expected to result in improved performance and Customer Service delivery over the coming year. He further notes that the Capital & Credit Financial Group remains committed to streamlining its operations and going forward continues to position itself to take advantage of forthcoming market opportunities through strategic alliances.
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Michelle Wilson-Reynolds
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Group Marketing & Corporate Affairs
Capital & Credit Financial Group
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