Cable Bahamas Limited (CAB) – Review of Annual Report

Cable Bahamas Limited (CAB) in response to a request from the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) to provide details for establishing Corporate Governance Guidelines and appointing a third non-Executive Member of the Audit Committee,  states the following:

(i) Establishing of a Corporate Governance Guideline

CAB is presently engaged in establishing its Corporate Governance Guidelines and will have same on CAB’s website by the end of January 2018.

(ii) Appointment of Third Non-Executive Member of the Audit Committee

CAB is in the process of appointing a third non- Executive member of the Audit Committee, and once appointed, CAB will notify JSE.

(ii) Notification of Resignation of a Member of the Audit Committee

CAB inadvertently omitted to give notification of the resignation of Mr. Calvin Knowles from the Audit Committee, who resigned from the Committee effective August 2, 2017.

CAB apologises for the error.

(iii) Revised Listing of CAB’s Series 11 Preference Shares

No. Shareholder Number of Shares Currency
1. NCB Insurance Co. Ltd 3000 USD
2. Sagicor Barbados 750 USD
3. PWL 340 USD
4. NCB Insurance Co. Ltd 530 JMD
5. Grace Kennedy Limited Pension Scheme 330 JMD
6. SJIML 192 JMD
7. ATL Group Pension Fund Trustees Nominee Limited 125 JMD
8. SJLIC for Scotiabridge Retirement Scheme 24 JMD
9. ICWI Pension Plan 20 JMD
10. The Staff Pension Fund of Radio JA Ltd. 20 JMD