Year Book

The Year Book is a comprehensive report on the stock market activities, stock market data and the meticulous profiling of all listed companies and their performances. This thorough research is compiled by the Stock Exchange to empower investors to identify the intrinsic worth of a security in order that in making investment decisions, an investor is properly guided to get maximum returns on investment choices.

The information covers year over year profitability, indices move, growth of  the markets capitalization, a standard five year history of the trading activities, backed with comparative data analyses on volumes and values traded. The inclusion of a global and economic overview makes the potent content timely and relevant for quick and ready reference when considering investment decisions.

The JSE is of the firm belief that once readers spend quality time to evaluate, dissect and study the information that has been diligently put together by market experts, investors are well positioned to make use of market opportunities and to gain greater returns year over year and long term.