Stock Market Reviews

The Stock Market Review is the most frequent publication that supports investor information and education for wealth creation and retention. Investing in stocks may appear difficult to the uninformed. Therefore, performing thorough research before making an investment is a must do. The Stock Market Review consists of both hard data history as well as specialist articles which educate and simplify market information and terminologies. It carries important stock market events that also provide a pulse to investor confidence and the investing climate. The information from different angles contributes to the ultimate of sound buying and selling decisions of equity and bonds in the stock market of the JSE.

It is understood that stock prices are dependent on investor psychology which changes according to news and events. Therefore, telling the stock market events stories serve as an important element to support investor confidence and knowledge. To that end, there are special calendar events that are included in the pages of the Stock Market Review. These range from yearly hosting the best regional investment and capital markets conference, mid-January of each calendar year; the week-long National Investor Education Week held between September to October each year, followed by the grand industry celebration in December, the Best Practices Gala and Awards Ceremony, where listed companies and stockbrokerages are honoured for upholding international best practices and for their companies’ outstanding performances.

The Stock Market Review because of its readily digestible content becomes a useful resource whether you are new to the stock market with limited financial knowledge or an experienced investor. It’s easily understood mix of data and featured articles help investors at all levels to gain an edge in the markets to make informed decisions increasing the probability to earn more from stock market investing.

This publication is a valuable source of research material for ordinary investors, potential investors, local and worldwide, as well as financial planners and other savvy money managers.