Ms. Michelle Sirdar, PGCert., ICRA

Miss Michelle Sirdar joined the JSE Group in October 1998..

Michelle Sirdar is the Manager of the JSE Group Risk and Compliance Department. She has the responsibility of overseeing the management of risk and compliance matters, creating and reviewing compliance documentation, coordinating the creation, review and implementation of policies and procedures and working closely with all Managers to ensure achievement of desired goals.

Michelle’s previous assignment within the Group was with the JCSD, where she started as the Company’s Reconciliation Officer and later Internal Auditor.  She excelled in these positions and was promoted in 2005 to head and build the Registrar Services Unit, where she managed the Issuing Office; Registrar; Transfer Agent and Capital Disbursement Agent as well as Registrar and Paying Agent services for clients.

Being a person who is keen on documentation of, and adherence to, policies and procedures, in 2020, she was promoted to her current position to head and build the JSE Group’s Risk and Compliance Department.

Ms. Sirdar brings to the JSE Group some 20 years of experience in the financial industry.  She has worked at Merchant Bank and Trust Company and Brokerage Houses, where she rose to Operations Manager before joining the JSE.

Michelle is a Certified ISO 31000 Internal Controls Risk Analyst and ISO 19600 Compliance Professional and has attained a Post Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Information Governance.