Mr. Andrae Tulloch, BBA

Mr. Andrae Tulloch joined the JSE in 2008 in the position of Regulatory Officer and in 2010 assumed the role of Deputy Chief Regulatory Officer, Regulation. As Deputy Chief Regulatory Officer, Mr. Tulloch provided support to the Chief Regulatory Officer ensuring that the JSE’s regulatory and compliance interests are conducted in accordance with the rules of the JSE.

Mr. Tulloch currently acts as the Chief Regulatory Officer of the JSE and under his stewardship the Regulatory Marketing Oversight Division in 2017 recorded improvements in eleven (11) of its fourteen (14) key indicators.

Mr. Tulloch has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in finance and is an ACCA candidate. Mr. Tulloch has over ten years’ experience in the financial sector, as well as, with the Ministry of Justice as an Accountant assisting in the investigation and administration of companies in liquidation and bankrupt estates.